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Suggested Themes

Everyone is welcome to contribute to this site. You’re of course more than welcome to develop your own theme, but here’s a few possible suggestions. Feel free to add more by commenting…

  • What pre-CfE practice should we be keeping?
  • What’s actually new in classrooms as a result of CfE?
  • What is the evidence which supports the changes advocated by CfE?
  • Which methodologies are effective in the classroom? How many do we need?
  • What does ‘Active Learning’ actually look like in practice?
  • How, realistically, can pupils be involved in both their learning and assessment?
  • How do you deliver a curriculum which allows for such flexibility in terms of content and assessment?
  • What impact, if any, has the CfE documentation had in your classroom?
  • Are pupils performing better under CfE? In what ways? How do we know?
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